Monday, January 10, 2011

What a difference a day makes....

Today's post was going to be about how the weather in Texas doesn't coincide with the time of year.  As I am continually taught however, plans often take very drastic turns! I took this picture Friday afternoon as I was leaving work.  To me this looks like a normal early September day, except it was January 7th. 
As I said in my first post, I just recently moved down to Texas.  I haven't spent a full year yet, so the weather is still very new to me.  When I got out of the Uhaul truck back in July, I thought I was going to pass out.  That feeling continued every time I stepped outside until late September.  At that point I was starting to think it would never cool down. Would the leaves ever turn? When would be able to walk outside and not instantly start sweating? When was my A/C going to catch a break?

Being from the UP I am accustomed to having around 2 1/2 months of summer weather.  You can imagine my confusion as I was walking around C's (the boyfriend) apartment complex on Saturday afternoon and saw flowers blooming!

With a light jacket on (no gloves, no hat, no snow pants) we walked around and enjoyed the nice weather. That fountain water isn't freezing mid air, weird right?  Then... Saturday night happened!
Yes, I was proved very wrong.  It is, in fact, January; and Dallas does get winter weather.  It started raining Saturday night, by Sunday morning it had turned to snow.  I was so excited that I woke up C by screaming "It's snowing!" I think he thought I was talking crazy in my sleep!
It continued to snow throughout the day. I was even able to use my snow scraper, for the first time since probably last March! I cleaned off my car and moved it to the undercover parking. Those who have lived in the north know, this makes mornings a lot easier, and way less annoying.   
Even though this "snow storm" was nothing like what I was used to, it does make me feel a little more at home. There are definatly things I don't miss about the cold weather/  Dirty, snowy cars.  Sprinting between your car and wherever you are going. Taking 20 minutes to pile on all the layers to go outside for literally 1 minute to let the dog pee - even she won't stay outside for more time than it takes to do her business! Instant runny nose as soon as you step outside.

With that said, there are things I do really miss about winter in Michigan.  The first big snow storm, when everything shuts down, and you get to cuddle up in your bed all day long.  Hot chocolate, seems to taste better when it's freezing out. Snowshoeing.  How a fresh snow glistens when the sun's shining. My Dad's hunting camp. Snow covered Christmas lights. Mainly my family and I all together in one snowy place. 
The final picture was taken by a childhood friend of mine.  She was out snowshoeing with her boyfriend and snapped this shot of the northwoods.  Now that's what we yoopers call snow!  Thanks Shan :)

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