Tuesday, November 20, 2012

American Seasons - Nantucket, MA

Our last dinner in Nantucket was at American Seasons.  It's a quaint restaurant with large flavor and character.  They're known for their twist on American dishes and extensive creativity so I was really excited to get going and try things out! 
The waitress talked my Mom and I into getting a lavender martini.  We were a little hesitant, but it was so tasty!  You could really taste and smell the lavender.  I'm not a huge fan of martinis, mainly because I like some fruit flavor not just liquor, but I would happily drink a few of these, and did! 
Dinner by candlelight, the tables and decor were very cozy and gave a very relaxed feel for the whole meal.
My Mom and I (and another shot of the awesome martini.)
Their menu is constantly changing because they use all seasonal vegetables.  It's really cool because you could go back a week later and have very different options for dinner.  I started with the day boat scallops.  They were flavorful and soft! 
For my entree I ordered the roasted salmon.  Yes, it had popcorn  on top.  It really was a twist on the regular salmon you might order, the different textures of the popcorn and fish and sauces was really interesting and unique. 
I had to try the carrot cake for dessert.  Such a classic dessert, but it tasted very different and good!  No coconut and ice cream on top, delicious! 

I really enjoyed the meal here, the ambiance was unique and comfortable and the food was so different you'll be talking about it way after dinner.  

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