Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Le Languedoc - Nantucket, MA

Let me just start out by saying after dinner on the first night my Mom and I were wondering if we were on a bike trip or a food tour.  Either way, I was pretty happy!  We ate at Le Languedoc, which is a hotel and awesome restaurant.  Due to the large group we had our own menu to order off, and the lighting wasn't that great so bare with me on the pictures!  
Their presentations were beyond amazing.  This was the scallop appetizer, and was just as delicious as it looks!
We were told if we liked lobster this would be the best place to order it on the trip, so I followed directions and was so glad I did.  
It was a very unique way of serving lobster, and made it a lot easier to eat.  I didn't have to crack, break or dig out anything.  They had already done that and kind of opened up the lobster and re-stuffed it with the meat and cream sauces.  Wow... it was hard to stop eating this!
For dessert my Mom and I both ordered the  brioche bread pudding.  It included blueberries in the bread and also a rhubarb puree pudding like thing.  I can't say enough about this restaurant.  The service was awesome, and the food spoke for itself.  Not only was it presented beautifully but it tasted just as good if not better.

My mouth is now watering....

See you back here tomorrow! 

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