Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nantucket Part I

After the weekend in Cape Cod, my Mom and I boarded a ferry and headed to Nantucket.  We would be biking around the island for two days with our Backroads Biking Tour then heading to Martha's Vineyard.  It was my Mom and my first time to both of these islands so we were really excited to explore, especially by bike!  It was cloudy with some drizzle for the first day, but in hindsight it was the only rainy day we had and we were only biking for half the day, so it couldn't have worked out better.  The ferry ride from Hyannis to Nantucket is very pretty, especially as you come up to the port.  I love all the boats! 
Little preview to what all of the buildings and houses will look like.  Apparently there's a joke on how to give directions on the island "turn left at the grey house," because EVERY house is grey!
We stayed at the White Elephant Hotel and I absolutely loved our room.  They had put in so much detail, and had elephants on everything possible.  It was so cute I had to share!
My mode of transportation for the next week!
The first day of riding we went out to Cisco Beach which is on the south western side of the island.  Despite being overcast, it was a beautiful spot.
It's known for great surfing, and the waves proved right! 
Had to get my feet wet on the first day :)
On our ride back into town we stopped at Cisco Brewers to try a few beers and listen to some live music.  This area was really cool, they have a few different buildings offering wine, beer and liquor tasting.  As well as live music, nice outdoor seating and little snacks.  Did I mention the awesome dog that rolled over to get his belly rubbed anytime someone walked by?!  So cute. 
Also stopped by the Oldest House aka Jethro Coffin house, on the island.  It was built in 1686 for Jethro Coffin and his new bride and was the typical saltbox style house that was built in those days.  The history on the island was really interesting!
On our way to dinner we saw a beautiful sunset to end our first day on the island.  I knew after the first day it was going to be a great time and couldn't wait to discover more.  More pictures and stories to come :) 

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