Friday, November 9, 2012

Boats, Beaches & the Kennedy's - Cape Cod

Before my Mom's and my bike ride started we had a couple days to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend in Cape Cod.  It's a really quaint area, and beautiful to walk around and that's exactly what we did.  While I took endless amounts of pictures, of course :) 
My cool brother!  Wish he lived a little closer! 
We were walking by the water when all the fishing boats were coming in for the day.  This boat had a pretty successful day. 
My Mom found a boat named after her! 
Not being from the area we had no idea what these little creatures were, or if they were still alive.  Hence my brother touching one with a shoe.  Come to find out they're pretty interesting, called the horseshoe crab, they've been around since the dinosaurs!  They molt, and their shells wash up on shore.  Glad they weren't alive and trying to bite us!
Of course, we had to take walk by the Kennedy compound.  Which was beautiful, and didn't seem to have any security.  We found out later that if no one is actually there it's relatively quiet.  It was cool because we were able to snap some good pictures of the place.
This is a picture from a golf course close to the Kennedy compound, what a beautiful view of the ocean! 
After being tourists, we sat down to relax and have some drinks.  My brother ordered the very manly pink drink, which he was apparently super comfortable drinking :)
My brother's girlfriend and I after dinner hanging out on one of the "boats."  I really enjoyed the couple days we had to discover Hyannis and the Cape Cod area.  It's beautiful and fortunately for us we were there after Labor Day so it wasn't jam packed with tourists.  Hopefully I will be back! 

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  1. Horseshoe "crap" on Cape Cod - those "codders" talk funny. Elsewhere commonly referred to as a Horseshoe crab. ;-)