Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baxter's Cape Cod - Hyannis, MA

The first night in Cape Cod we decided we were all in the mood for some fish. Baxter's Fish and Chips menu seemed like it would hit the spot so that's where we headed.  It was really packed when we got there, with a live piano player and all.  
We started by sharing the fish bites.  They were delicious.  I mean, it was fried pieces of tasty fish, you can't really go wrong! 
I ordered the haddock fish and chips plate.  The fish was so delicious, and huge as you can see!  It was hanging off the plate.   Don't worry, I had no problem eating it.
My brother's girlfriend got the lobster roll.  It had huge chunks of lobster served on a hot dog roll.  Again, the portions were huge!  
My Mom ordered the steamed fish and chips.  I tried her fish and it was really good too.  Can't really go wrong with seafood on the east coast, and this was the perfect place to indulge! 

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