Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Don't Want to Grow Up (still)

I've been out to Dartmouth twice now, and I fall in love with the area more every time I go.  I'm not sure if it's because it reminds me of where I grew up with the snow, trees, quietness; or if it's because it brings me back to being in college.  Could be a combination of both! I talked about the Norwich Inn and their great breakfasts in my post yesterday, we actually stayed in one of their rooms this time.  As you can see the B&B is beautiful.  I can't imagine it actually being some one's house.
Like I said.. quiet. :)
Longest covered wooden bridge in The United States, pretty cool!
It was built in 1856.  If you can't read the top it says "Walk your horses or pay two dollar fine."  There's so much history in the area, and so much to explore!
Although closed for the winter; which is kind of shame, this place would be an awesome B&B or restaurant, we hiked up to Saint Gauden's Historic house and gardens.  The house was beautiful, as were the grounds. 
The view from the yard was amazing.  I can only imagine what sunsets in the summer, and trees in the fall look like!
Gauden created and displayed art all over the grounds of his summer house.  This was my favorite, it's called "The Shaw Memorial," and it's of the 54th Regimen of African American volunteers during the Civil War.  It was breath-taking, the detail that was put into it.  You could almost see the eyelashes.  It's sort of in 3D; you can't tell when you look at it straight on, but as you get closer you can see the details better.
It was so peaceful.  I miss the quiet affect that snow has over everything, you forget how relaxing it is until you're back engulfed in it.
I also talked about Simon Pearce in my last post.  This is a picture taken from their deck looking out over the dam they've built, which actually powers their whole building.  Very energy efficient, and beautiful to look at!  
I took a lot of pictures of Dartmouth's campus, but don't remember the names of each building.  My favorite part is the library anyway, so you'll have to settle for that :) It's so old, you can't help but imagine all of the great minds that studied there. 
I can't wait to go back again!!  I'm looking forward to seeing the campus in the summer, since I've only experienced it in the cold winter.  Always a little hard to come back to the real world, I miss my college days so much.  It's makes me ever more nostalgic when I see my brother going through the same things I did back in the day.  The only advice I can give is, enjoy it while you can.  Real world isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I feel like I'm old enough to say that now, thank you very much ;)


  1. Wow! Love all the photos! The snow is so beautiful! This Florida girl is jealous!

  2. Thanks Jessica! It was very pretty. Nice to come back to Dallas and the warmer weather... even though we're now in the middle of the biggest snow storm they've had in years. Guess I brought the snow back with me :) Thanks for reading, hope you continue to come back!