Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've started a list of restaurants I'd like to try here in Dallas, and its a pretty long list.  As anyone who lives here, or has visited I'm sure knows - there are an endless amount of places to eat here.  It's almost overwhelming!  The list is getting longer and longer the more I get to know the area.  At the top of the list was Obzeet.  It's a place I noticed when I first moved here for a couple reasons.  It's on my drive to C's apartment, but the main reason why it got my attention was it really doesn't look like a restaurant.  From the outside it looks like a landscaping store, they have a bunch of lawn ornaments in the front, it's very cluttered, and looks interesting to say the least.  Imagine my surprise when I realized it was both a store and a restaurant... I had to try it out!
The inside isn't very large, but they do have a decent sized bar and a little stage.  They have live music most nights, and I admit I was a little nervous when I found that out.  Most of the time that means I won't be able to talk to C throughout the meal because it will be too loud, but this guy was actually very good, and was a good volume.  My ears weren't ringing when I left, always a good sign.  Plus he sang "Brown Eyed Girl," can't hate on that! 
As you can see it's decorated with very random things.  My favorite was the first picture I posted of the state of Texas.  It had a very relaxing feel to it though, and the staff was very friendly.
I ordered the Chicken Prego Sandwich.  It was very good, but messy (thought I'd warn you!)  Grilled chicken breast with onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and spicy mayo on a hoagie.  It reminded me a lot of a Philly Cheese steak, but with chicken.  It was one of those dishes where I didn't want to stop eating it, even though I was very clearly full after consuming only half.  It came with chips and potato salad, which in all honesty wasn't necessary, as the sandwich was big enough! 
C got a turkey croissant with cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado with mayo.  I didn't have enough room to taste it, but it looked delicious and he enjoyed it. 
We took the dessert to go, and I honestly I can't tell you the name of this glorious thing.  I can say they had a huge variety of desserts, and they all looked amazing.  We didn't see the dessert counter until our way out, otherwise I would have ordered more.  This cake reminded me of tiramisu, but instead of lady fingers and coffee there was just more chocolate.  Never a bad thing in my book. 
They had a very large outdoor patio at the back of the restaurant that looked pretty cool.  It had a bunch of lights, ornaments, a little pond, a bar, and a stage.  It was a little too chilly to eat outside, but I think we'll be going back sometime this spring or summer to try out the patio. 
I got a suggestion from someone that I work with that I should give some sort of rating to places I visit, and I thought it was a great idea!  Instead of stars, I'm going to be use chocolate chip cookies :)
 3 1/2  * I would probably up that to 4, if I had been able to eat outside. 

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