Wednesday, February 2, 2011

King Arthur Flour

Apparently I brought the winter weather from New Hampshire back to Dallas, as we're in the middle of an ice storm.  I know that none of the Northerners will have pity on me, but believe me when I say getting around right now is not easy.  Along with being able to ice skate on all/any roads, driveways, and parking lots; we're having rolling black outs.  No fun, but it also meant no work for me today, so that kind of makes up for it!  I had some time to make a dessert and dinner, so the rest of the week I'll be posting actual food.  For now though, I'll show you my final pictures from my trip last weekend.
My mom informed me of a bakery, store, and cooking school right near our B&B called King Arthur Flour.  As you can tell, I'm into food and baking, so I was pretty pumped for it!  Due to the limitations on luggage I can take on a plane, I couldn't go as food crazy as I would have liked.  Still very fun to look around though. 
They had this antique oven I thought was really interesting, especially because it's called the "Detroit Jewel: They Bake Better"  I'm not sure where exactly it was made, but I'm just assuming it was made in Michigan, because we're awesome like that.
We didn't know going in, but I they were having a "best chocolate recipe" contest.  There was a long table set up with all kinds of chocolate desserts people had brought in to be judged.  Some of them looked like they tasted heavenly, so it was hard to not dive in.  Would have been a good story though; "I got kicked out for eating everything on the chocolate contest table, before it was able to be judged."  Save that for next time I guess!  :)
Must have been real tough to be one of the judges!  There was a group of around 10 people watching as the cooking school teachers tasted everything.  
The store was mainly selling pre-made mixes for baked goods, pancakes, muffins etc.  They also had some baking equipment.  Took a picture of this huge stand mixer, because it's what I would like for my birthday or Christmas present.  It would probably have to be both combined, because it was around $400, ouch.  I'm old school and still use hand beaters, so this would be a big step up for me.  A girl can dream!  

I'll be back tomorrow with some yummy Peanut Butter Nutella cookies.  Stay warm everyone :) 


  1. Glad you found us! We have tons of ingredients, recipes, a blog, and more online - hope you've had a chance to explore and find some baking inspiration!

  2. I've already made your brownies (just haven't posted them yet!) They were amazing! Thanks for stopping by, please come by again. Hopefully next time I'm in the area I'll be able to take one of the cooking classes :)