Monday, February 21, 2011

Moment of Silence

How was every one's weekend?  I did a little of everything this weekend.  Cooked, baked, had my first dessert failure, hung out with C, went out to eat, was lazy on Saturday, then picked up the slack on Sunday.  I decided to try to make homemade pasta this weekend.  I recently bought a pasta maker, and have been anxiously waiting to try it out.  Sunday was the perfect day, nothing on the agenda but little chores around the apartment.  It was definitely a project, but the end result was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  C even said he thought it was my best meal yet.  Now for the bad news.  Breaks my heart to say that in a fluke accident my pictures from the "day of pasta" were deleted.  I almost cried, no joke.  I would like to have a moment of silence to remember my first pasta making experience, although I now no longer have documentation of it.       :(

Now, onto some good stuff.
I recently went out for breakfast with some great company to Cindi's, a place recommended to me by a co-worker.  They have a couple different locations around Dallas, and luckily there is a location near C's apartment.  I was a little nervous when we walked in around 11am on Sunday morning, to find we had around a half hour+ wait.  As I've said before, I'm from a very small town, so the whole "make a reservation, or wait" thing is something I'm still getting used to.  In my opinion, if I'm standing and waiting for more than five minutes, the food better beat my expectations.  Thankfully, Cindi's did!
The menu is very large, they had breakfast and lunch options available.  I opted for breakfast, since it's not something I go out for regularly.  I ordered the "Cindi's Omelet," which included salsa, ham, green pepper, onion, and cheese.  It was served with home fries and two pieces of toast.  Lots of food makes me happy!  The pictures don't do it justice, it was such a great omelet.  They weren't skimpy on the ingredients either, especially the cheese, which makes all the difference.  
C's Mom got egg's over easy with grits.  I didn't try it, but the grits looked incredibly creamy!
C's Dad got oatmeal, among some other things.  He said it was the best oatmeal he'd ever had.  It was loaded with syrup and brown sugar.  Now that's the way to eat oatmeal.
And finally C... had to be a little difficult and order something not on the menu ;)  They had homemade bread and bagels, so he asked for them to make an egg and sausage sandwich on a bagel.  He got hash browns as his side, which I snuck a taste of.  I think I liked them better than Ihop hash browns, hard to believe I know!
I held myself back and didn't order dessert, but they did look very tasty.  They also had a variety of cakes. 
Overall, I really enjoyed myself.  The food was great, the serving sizes were large, and it was for sure worth the wait.  It wasn't a large place, but it was cozy, gives you a very at home feel.  I hope to go back again very soon, and try one of the many other things on the menu.  If, by chance, you've been there and have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

Rating: 4 1/2 

Have a great Monday everyone.  RIP pasta photos, you will be very missed.


  1. The homemade pasta had a unique texture and taste everyone should try at least once. We actually had a good time rolling out the pasta and laughed a little along the way. It requires some effort but it's well worth it in the end.

  2. Hey

    I just watched Julie and Julie tonight and I thought about cooking my way through a cookbook this summer. It looks like you're experimenting and having fun. I want to blog; I just don't know who'd read it. We'll see. Miss you..

  3. You should do it! It'd be a fun experiment, and I would be honored to read about it :) If you start one make sure you send me the link!

    Miss you too... hopefully I'll see you soon chick.