Monday, June 20, 2011

Shake It Up

How was your weekend?  Mine went pretty well, I'm slowly getting used to how hot it's going to be here in Texas for the next three months.  It's a process for me!  I still want to run up to someone in long jeans asking them how they do it without passing out... but hopefully one day I'll get there. 
Every once and a while (ok it happens a lot) I don't feel like cooking dinner.  Especially now with the hot weather, it takes effort to get myself in a hot kitchen, and that's why this fruit shake is awesome.  I usually have enough ingredients to make it, and it always changes a little every time.  It's versatile, but mainly it's cold and it's quick.  Did I mention it's ridiculously healthy? 
I always put bananas in my shakes, they taste so good with all other fruits, I can't think of a reason not to!  Plus I always have some laying around to use.  In this case I used a whole banana and cut it up into little bites before putting in the blender.
Also used a handful of strawberries, that I cut into smaller pieces as well. 
For some reason I've been on a watermelon kick, I feel so hydrated after eating it.  There's usually no way I can eat a whole watermelon by myself before it gets a little too soggy, so I thought I would add some to my shake as something different, and to use up the fruit.
I used around 1/2 cup of soy milk, 1/2 cup of orange juice and added around 5 ice cubs to add a little texture :)
Add in the fruit and start blending.
This is great for breakfast, a snack, or substitute for lunch or dinner.  It's jam packed with fruit and healthy stuff (technical term) and believe it or not it does fill you up!  You can be so creative with this too, add whatever fruits you like, and any liquids you prefer. 
Happy Monday everyone!

My Favorite Shake
Serving size: around 2 full cups
1 full banana, cut up
6-7 strawberries, cut up
slices of watermelon
1/2 cup soy milk
1/2 cup orange juice
~5 ice cubes

Combine everything in a blender.
Blend until a thick, but drinkable consistency.
Add additional liquid or ice if needed.


  1. Mmhmm, I love bananas as well! Have been thinking of how to make a pure extract from the peels (vaguely remember one of my chefs telling me about this).... Love the shake!

  2. If you remember how to do that let me know, that sounds like a great idea!