Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wait, Where's the Lake?

For Memorial Day weekend, (yes I know my posts are delayed, it's because I have so much to share with you guys) C and I met a couple friends of ours from Michigan near Houston to go camping for the weekend.  We had the place all picked it out, it was right in the middle of where each of us lives.  It looked really pretty online and had a nice lake and good camp grounds.  Plus - a shower.  My friend hadn't ever really been camping, so this was a must to make sure she stayed at least a little sane through the trip.  Coming from the Midwest camping to me is water sports/activities during the day, cooking on the grill, and huddling up by a fire at night; with a couple extra layers on due to the drop in temperature once the sun goes down.  Things are little different in Texas.  Correction - very different.
This is us in the morning before the heat set in.  It was so hot!  Oh... and did I mention the lake dried up?  Yes, there was no lake.  There was a huge hole where the lake used to be, and a little "kiddie" pool near one end, that literally went up to you knees.  Which in all reality was only because you sunk about a foot into the muck below the water.  It was at this point I got a little worried I was going to have a heat stroke.
In an effort to not just sit around and sweat all day we drank, and played cards.  I did a great job drinking, but I was not very good at Euchre.  Lost every time... not cool.  At least I was a little tipsy so I didn't care that much.  While playing cards a little friend came to say hello!
Meet my god-daughter, Gracie.  This is my friends' puppy, although she's not a puppy anymore, she's one year old!  She was hot too, but handled the heat like a pro, looking cute the whole time.
My favorite part is the food, obviously.  One night we had marinated steaks with potatoes, which were awesome.  The second night we made cheeseburgers with corn on the cob.
C suggested we grill some onions and put those on burger, and they were delicious.  I'll be adding these to my burgers from now on!
Despite there being no water or lake, the camp sites were very pretty and peaceful.  This was the view from our tent that we got to wake up to.  Granted I was sweating while taking the view in, but it was still somewhat relaxing :) 
I now understand why people in the south that camp have air conditioners for their tents.  I'm sorry for making fun of you before.  Safe to say C has his living tore apart right now trying to build an air conditioner that we can take camping, should be interesting!

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