Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Dallas Food Tour

I recently went on another Dallas Food Tour that was organized by Danielle @Dallas_Foodie on twitter.  It was themed "underground" because we would be visiting places that were more off the beaten path. We started for drinks and appetizers at Local - see their website here.  They had some amazing wines and champagne drinks too.  A couple people ordered appetizers and I snuck a few bites.  The mac and cheese was decent, and made me really want to try this place for dinner.
When we were getting our checks and getting ready to leave they handed out these little "going away presents" as I like to call them.  They were little crackers with a fruit on top.  Yum!
Next we were on to the true underground dinner with Chef David Anthony Temple aka Chef DAT (@ChefDAT on twitter.) He has cooked all over the United States and has a very unique take on food.  He's passionate about what he's cooking, and uses fresh ingredients only.  He's kind of a traveling chef, he goes where ever he's needed, so to speak.  The night he cooked for us we were using the space of My Private Chef and it worked out great because we had the time and space to get to know Holly who owns and runs My Private Chef, and also get to see Chef DAT in action. 
Lighting the place on fire :)
I'm not exactly sure what all of this is, but the meat is pork gaw, and it served it some kind of rice with a spicy sauce on the side.  
Mushrooms were added to the top.  I had never tried pork gaw before, and it was very interesting.  A little salty, but after mixing it with rice and the mushrooms it was great all together.  It was pretty cool to have someone cook especially for us and be able to watch.  
From there we moved on to Zen Baking Company for cake balls.  I have yet to make these by myself, but after tasting theirs I don't think I need to.  I could eat theirs all day long!  This was mine and Bev's (another Dallas foodie) plate of cake balls.  
They had so many different kinds, and all were very tasty.  The lemon one was probably my favorite.  I hope to go back again and try some more :)

Thanks again to Danielle who planned out the whole tour, it was fun and I was able to try some new types of food.  If anyone is interested in tagging along for the next one make sure you follow Danielle on twitter!


  1. Thanks for writing a blog about your experience! So glad you had a great time.

  2. Thanks for sharing! This was such a fun culinary experience. Happy I was part of the adventure.

  3. Thanks Rachel! It was a blast having you be my dessert date. =) The food was only out shined by the great company.

    Bev Garvin - Founder, Foodie, Photographer

  4. I might tag along next time, I love trying new foods!

  5. Sounds like some wonderful food finds! I also love food adventures and helping others discover them.

    Jeanine Stevens
    Leader of tours sweet and savory in Dallas