Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Year in Texas & To Do List Update

It's officially been a year since I made the long trip across country and moved from the Midwest to Texas.  I thought while updating my to do list that I would show some pictures of the big move.  After 2 days in a Uhaul the "Welcome to Texas" sign was so exciting to see. 

1.  Make an Asian inspired meal  Working on it - more to come.

2.  Cook something with bison meat I made burgers while camping, but it was too dark to take pictures, so I'll be trying again!
3.  Have a guest post on my blog Done, twice!  Click here to look at Nelly's guest post on Italian Butter Cream and click here to check out C's Dad's guest post about Homemade Granola.  Both were awesome posts, thanks to them again for participating :) 

4.  Start giving credit to the original writers on any recipes I adapt and post about Done - I have done this on any recipe that I got from somewhere other than my head! 

5.  Get a food photo accepted on Food Gawker and/or Tastespotting This is a pretty big to do - they are very strict, but I think I'm moving in the right direction!
6.  Make my own ice cream - essentially I need to buy an ice cream maker Have a couple recipes, and some that I don't even need a maker.  Gonna be perfect for a hot August night!

7.  Make homemade granola Done!  I've used the recipe that C's Dad posted and eat the granola in my yogurt for breakfast.  

8.  Cook a whole chicken - I've been a wimp and just use chicken breasts usually Still working on the guts to do this one.
9.  Participate in a writing and photography class If anyone would like to sponsor me, I would be glad to go!  They're kind of expensive, and I want to make sure I go to one where I can really benefit, so if you have any ideas let me know. 

10.  Take more photos of everyday life - started already with the photos today :) Done - I carry my camera with me everywhere, and annoy everyone with the constant picture taking.

11.  Participate in other people's blogs more by commenting, following and tweeting about  I've really tried to show some love on other people's blogs as well as on twitter.  

I have a lot to still do, but I have 9 more months.  I'll post an update again in another three months and will hopefully have a couple more checked off!
The first of many meals I made in Dallas.  Pork tenderloin with mushroom risotto and asparagus.  Yum!!


  1. You can totally roast a chicken! This is my all-time favorite recipe:

  2. Have you checked the continuing ed classes at your local colleges for the photography classes? Some are super cheap or even free on a first come first serve basis. (Some are also quite pricy, you just have to keep looking around!)