Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Pictures of Lake Texoma

I have a few more pictures of camping at Lake Texoma to show all of you.  I wanted to share the perfect dinner to try while you're camping.  C and his family came up with this, and I must say it's awesome!  I cut up a bunch of different veggies and kept them in a Tupperware beforehand.  Also used hamburger meat and rolled them into meatballs with an egg and some pepper and garlic seasoning.  Every thing's ready before you leave, then when you're camping you don't hardly have any work to do.
Put all the veggies and meatballs together in tin foil and make a little packet to throw over the fire.  C added some store bought gravy to his packet, I didn't, but both were tasty.
Here it is all finished cooking.  YUM!  The veggies and meat together kind of marinate each other and it turns out to be a great dinner.
We finished cooking dinner just in time to watch the sunset over the lake.
Very beautiful and relaxing!
The next day we decided after two days of camping and baring the heat, we would venture back to civilization and found the Highpoint Marina bar and grill and it was perfect to hang out in until the fireworks started.
Yes, I ordered a blended pina colada... I was pretty pumped to be back in the land of electricity!
The place had garage doors all the way around it that opened so we could sit and watch the sunset and fireworks over the marina.  Pretty cool view!
If you ever have the opportunity to take a trip to Lake Texoma I'm sure you'll like it just as much as me.
See you tomorrow :)


  1. Wow. the foods look really good! It seems very relaxing at lake texoma. Can you swim there? I have been thinking to go to Lake Texoma but there is a nice lake-joe pool in Grand prairie.

  2. Yes you can swim there! We were so lucky that the water was nice due to how hot it was. You should take a trip up there, it's beautiful and a nice getaway without having to drive too far. Thank you for stopping by, hope you keep reading!

  3. I love the highpoint marina bar and grill. Me and my boyfriend stayed at the hotel across from there. Great place to go to get away.