Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Green #2 (of 67)

What do 50 degrees, ponchos, Conan O'Brien, and President George Bush Sr have in common?  They were all present at my brother's graduation from Dartmouth College.  Yes, it was a pretty interesting (and cold) day. 
Here's my Dad all bundled up, with a nice suit and tie on under it!  This poncho was really funny because on the front it says "You deserve the very best."  For some reason my Dad wearing that made me laugh a lot, and still puts a smile on my face :)  He does indeed deserve the very best!
Conan giving us some great advice.  I thought his speech was awesome.  He was really funny for about 75% of his speech, then the last few minutes he got serious and gave some solid advice to the college grads and the audience.  You can see George Bush Sr and Mrs. Bush sitting behind him too, so cool!
So proud of you Ev!  Yes, my legs were freezing.  I came from 100 degree Texas weather and was in shock to be honest. 
After eating and warming up, we took a trip to Simon Pierce. I am really going to miss my annual visits out east, hopefully I'll have another new cool place to visit (hint hint Ev, please move to Paris.)
Don't drop it!!! It costs around $872394793389.
The view from Simon Pierce is so amazing.  I was so happy I was finally able to see it without everything being frozen, as I usually only visit in February.  It was a great end to the trip.  I will be posting more about it, but mostly about the food - obviously.  I do want to say thank you to my parents for getting everyone out there, it was so nice to be together.  I am so lucky to have such a great family, and be close with all of them.  Congrats again Ev, we're all very proud and love you a lot!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and enjoys the extra day off.  
Happy 4th of July!!!!!

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